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Advice on sole custody

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rbpoker Mon 11-Feb-13 23:46:40

Hi, a little background before I start, I am a single father of a two year old daughter. She has been in my care since birth. My question is basically about obtaining sole custody to stop her mother from gaining custody should anything ever happen to me. Her mother is 20, she is an alcoholic and frequent drug user. She is known in the town for sleeping around with anyone and everyone. Her family are all drug users and alcoholics. And I worry about their constant frets towards me, as we have a hate-hate relationship.

My ex is currently stating she is pregnant again which is also a concern, does anyone have any useful advice for me for how to go about this, as the police are unhelpful in my eyes (being a male with a child) and seem more interested in her rights than they are with helping me with any harassment orders or such

cestlavielife Tue 12-Feb-13 15:06:55

ask a solicitor about residence of the child. but if status quo is she resides with you why do you need an order?

compile a dossier which gives evidence (eg GP records? that you are teh one seeing the hv? you take her to nursery etc?) that you are the sole carer, who looks after her while you work, all relevant information etcetc.

if she is harassing you compile evidence and again see a solcitor.

dont hate back - you need to be calm and collected .

what could she throw back at you? any evidence you have been involved with drugs at all? what little you say about her doesnt present you in a good light either - as you are the "anyone and everyone" ... so you need to rpresent yourself diferently ??

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