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Advice needed about cancelling payment for a service.

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Tryharder Sun 10-Feb-13 16:08:48

This is boring and long, sorry.

Back in September, I bought a flight online using a company called (or similar). I paid for the transaction using a credit card.

After I had completed the transaction,I got the usual email receipts and discovered that in addition to the cost of the flight and the booking fee, I had been charged for something called a Flexifly service and an insurance policy which together, were worth around £50.

I had seen these charges on the website and had been under the impression that I had unticked these options.

I certainly didnt want either the Flexifly service (still dont know what that is, exactly) nor the insurance. I couldn't figure out how to cancel them. I managed to find a premium rate number for the company and rang it but was put on hold and eventually hung up as couldnt afford to rack up a massive phone bill.

In the end, I just rang up my credit card company, explained what had happened and they ended up refunding the money to me. Please note that I still had paid for the flight and the booking fee; there was no problem with that at all.

Anyway, I have now received a couple of emails from this company trying to bill me for the Flexifly service. There is an address in Germany but no phone number. What would you suggest I do? The emails are not threatening but they have added administrative charges onto the bill. So far I have not responded. I am pissed off because I didnt want the Flexifly service, have no idea what it is and believe that I was charged for it and for the insurance erroneously.

Grateful for any legal advice wrt my options. Do I need to write to this company and explain the situation or shall I ignore it. I am scared that they will start sending bailliffs round or send threatening emails...

Sam100 Sun 10-Feb-13 16:52:01

If you buy anything online you can cancel afterwards within a 7 day cooling off period for any reason. This is under the distance selling regulations. I think this is from an EU directive so applied to German companies too.

Contact the trading standard advice line - they are best qualified to tell you what to do. Or try money saving expert.

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