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Market Traders Licence

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FCEK Sat 09-Feb-13 09:09:42

Can someone please advise as we are seriously panicking!

We are doing a very large wedding fair in 6 weeks time. We've organised considerable advertising - radio, newspapers, social media, bridal magazines - as well as big name sponsors, catwalk show etc.

We took over this show from a previous organiser, who has been doing it for 7 years.

We booked the next 3 years at the venue, bi annual shows, costing us about £5000 to hire the venue twice a year, not cheap but we'd get the money back in table sales, entry fees.

Now with 6 weeks to go, the venue manager has asked if we have market traders license. we don't. We weren't aware we needed one (its the first fair we've done, but not the first at the venue, we took over the show).

We weren't told/asked at the time of booking, when they took our money! Nor did the previous show owner say anything before he moved abroad and sold the show name, materials etc to us. We suspect HE didn't have a license actually.

We know for a fact that many other wedding shows are run by people who don't have licenses, we know these people.

So this is making me question whether we really need one for a wedding show? getting the license is not a problem, its just the time it will take to come through. I seriously doubt we'd get it in time, and we've done so much organising, advertising etc, I do not want to have to cancel the show!

We do have insurance to cover the show, plus we have also checked the food sellers (cake people etc) are registered.

Its just this market traders thing that's confusing us.

can anyone help? Any lawyers about (especially scottish ones)


prh47bridge Sat 09-Feb-13 11:32:41

I'm not Scottish and I'm not an expert on this but a quick Google suggests he is talking about a Market Operator's Licence. According to the information I've found anyone operating a private market where goods are offered for sale by more than one seller needs such a licence. There are a few exceptions but they don't seem to apply here. You must apply at least 28 days before ou want the licence to come into effect and have to display a notice at or near the premises for 21 days from the day you apply.

Your council's website should have the form you need to fill in, the notice you have to display and the declaration you have to complete to confirm the notice has been displayed for 21 days. The fee you have to pay seems to vary from council to council. You should be able to find that on your council's website as well.

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