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Wills - protecting child in remarriage

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Amaaazing Wed 06-Feb-13 23:14:13

Am thinking about writing my will and was wondering what people do to deal with the following potential scenario:

If DH were to remarry after my death, how can I make sure that our only DD would inherit my estate (as opposed to DH's potential new wife?)

Am also not sure how to split my estate between DD and DH - what do people tend to do?

digerd Thu 14-Feb-13 11:12:52

In France, if the deceased has no offspring, her/his blood line family inherit his estate. I read in the newspaper a few years ago, that a 60 year-old widow had a baby by IVF < presumably by his sperm to be blood-line> in order to secure his million pound estate as trustee. But it would have been a doner egg at her age. I was told by a greek lady it is the same in Greece.

dippymother Fri 15-Feb-13 12:21:35

Hi there cheungown, sorry hadn't noticed your post so apologies for the slow response. There seems to be so many snags and hitches no matter what you choose, it's no wonder people get confused.

No, I wouldn't want my DP to struggle financially. I think we would have to review our Wills at regular intervals to ensure everything is up to date and appropriate for the relationship.

At the moment, we are buying a house together, having sold both our separate houses. DP had a huge mortgage on his house and very little equity and he had no savings. Mine was mortgage free, plus I have some savings, so I am putting in 75% of the cost of buying our new home. The rest will be provided by a mortgage in his name, though if he defaults on it, I will have to take it on.

If I had died at, say Xmas, my DCs would have inherited my current property. I am hoping that we will be able to reduce the new mortgage as quickly as possible so that the property becomes mortgage free and my DP's 25% will enable him to buy something much smaller but equivalent in size to his previous home. It may be that I'll change my Will so that DP and DCs get equal shares, but they would need to sell the house to receive their inheritance. If DP dies before me, I would hope to have the means to buy out his 25%, but I'm assuming both of us will be alive for another 10 years (we are late 40s/early 50s)!

DP and I are not married and have been together around 18 months. I expect/hope we will grow old together but who knows what could be lurking round the corner - I need to protect myself, my DCs and DP from being worse off than we were before, should we split up for instance.

Unfortunately I have limited knowledge of correctly wording Wills and that is where I'm struggling.

mumblechum1 Fri 15-Feb-13 13:33:09

Dippy, as mentioned earlier, I'm a qualified will writer so if you need any help (just off the cuff advice if that's all you need) at no charge, please feel free to PM me.

dippymother Fri 15-Feb-13 17:37:39

Thanks mumblechum - didn't intend to hijack this thread though, so perhaps PM would be better. Will discuss later with DP. Many thanks.

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