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About to pursue legal action against my daughters private school, HELP!

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mamarae Mon 04-Feb-13 01:53:55

Hi everyone!

Would be really grateful for your opinions on this situation...
I have a 16 year old daughter, who was withdrawn from an independent school by the headmistress on the final day of the school year (June, 2012) The headmistress's reasoning behind this decision has yet to be explained... although we have asked on several occasions. She made it clear that this was NOT an expulsion or a suspension it was just simply a withdrawal, and her name has been taken of the school register, so my daughter is no longer a student at the school. As I am sure you can understand, it has been difficult for my husband and I to get her into a different school/sixth form at this late stage... so we have to make do with having her temporarily homeschooled with tutors etc.

The school fee for 2011/2012 has been paid off in full, so we do not owe the school any money.

After many meetings with the headmistress, the decision was made that my daughter could re-enroll to the school at any time, of course my husband and I would very much like to jump at the chance! There is a slight problem, the headmistress is demanding the full years school fee of £19,480 upfront even though my daughter will not be at the school for the full year.

The issue we are having, is that the school withdrew my daughter, took her name off the register and still want a full years worth of school fees!!

We found out from a parent who recently enrolled her daughter into the school in January that they only paid a calculated pro rata fee for january-june.

My question is, are the school really allowed to charge us the full amount and a different student a pro rata amount. providing that they withdrew my daughter and removed her name of the register.

Am I right in thinking that once a school withdraws a student the contract is deemed to be over?

I would be grateful if you could provide me with some advice on this one as it's driving me crazy!

LIZS Mon 04-Feb-13 17:38:00

What would you hope to achieve? It isn't for you to take action against the school, on what basis would you claim hmm, just defend anything they dare to. Get your dd into an alternative school and move on.

scaevola Mon 04-Feb-13 17:45:43

It's hard to work out what took place in the "many meetings with the headmistress" about rejoining if the cause of the withdrawal wasn't discussed.

I am wondering if there has been a reason given, though OP does not characterise it as a "straight answer", and if the ignoring is because the reason has been given many times and reiteration, after a while, became pointless.

lalalonglegs Mon 04-Feb-13 18:17:33

I'm another one unable to make head nor tail of this situation and I agree, you would be doing your daughter a disservice sending her to this place. Keep HE'ing her if you can't find anywhere else.

nefertarii Tue 05-Feb-13 15:25:56

So in the many meetings the head refused to give you a reason, kicked your dd out and now you want her to go back but not happy with the finacial term so you are going to sue?

what outcome do you want? Bu the time its settled your dd will have finished this school year. What are you wanting money for, why do you feel they should pay you compensation?

cumfy Tue 05-Feb-13 21:19:12

I am really not sure why you wish to jump at the chance to pay a lunatic £20k to educate your highly intelligent daughter.

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