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CSA Tribunal

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rubin Fri 01-Feb-13 16:31:25


Has anyone any experience with the Appeal process with CSA? My children's dad is appealing the CSA's maintenance payment assessment. They have already deducted significant travel expenses in the calculation but he still doesn't agree with the amount!

What is the likelihood of the appeal to a Tribunal being granted? And if it does go to a tribunal, how likely is it that they would change the maintenance assessment? How long could this whole process take?


Collaborate Fri 01-Feb-13 17:00:30

It all depends on the reason given for the appeal. You'll have to give more information,

rubin Fri 01-Feb-13 17:38:27

He wasn't declaring his true income - ie dividends - and it was discovered last year that he was receiving significant dividends. Hence I put in for a variation of maintenance. He has travel expenses to see the children, but that has been allowed for in the new assessment. He was originally only paying minimal for his children & hates being asked to pay anymore. Hence his refusal to accept the revised maintenance payment . He hasn't paid anything for 8 months now (not even the minimum).

kittycat68 Sun 03-Feb-13 14:21:19

tribunals are not scary things just you and your exp and 1-3 judges in a room around a table. they will ask almost all questions to the nrp, and scruintise there accounts and income and expenses for travel. they are well used to nrp who dont want to apy child support so adjust there income accordingly.
All csa appeals and descions can be applealed . so in effect you can appeal an appeal etc. You can find that some nrp who do not wish to pay csa to exp can carry this on for several years. it can be very time consuming so be warned. Fathers for justice and some such organisations advise nrp on how to avoid and reduce their child support to the minimum.
Whilst there is an appeal with the csa no order for inforcement can be made.
sadly there are many of these nrp around that once a relationship fails seem to think that they shouldnt have tp contribute for their children and that it should be up to the pwc. the csa is a joke, but its all there is unfortuately!

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