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Bit of a random one - who is liable in this situation (food health/safety/hygiene issue)

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cat811 Thu 31-Jan-13 22:12:12

If an organisation (like a school or church) held an event where food was going to be served - not a paid event, so not where people come to pay for food - and all the food was brought by the guests (ie a bring and share, or where all staff get together and everyone brings a contribution) - then if someone got some kind of food poisoning or something afterwards, would the organisation be responsible?

I am having an disagreement over this with a friend - she thinks that the company is responsible, as it is their event, even though they have not prepared or produced the food or had anything to do with it, other than being the place where it is consumed. To me this seems like madness - surely you would be liable if you prepared the food, but if everyone comes and brings their own, then nobody could possibly hold the organisation responsible for anything that happened to them could they? re there any laws/rules?

I know the food safety/hygiene stuff is struct for people preparing, but the school/church/whatever wouldn't be doing this so it has nothing to do with them does it...? Hoping someone has an idea about this - I know it's a long shot!!

andubelievedthat Fri 01-Feb-13 01:58:17

cannot see how org. could be held responsible,if its not sold ,at all ,not prepped on the org. premises, not promoted on by the organisation, form instance, if i had 2 packs off sandwhiches and gave you one at this function and you got sick?????,no, i am siding with you from i must say a reasonable /sensible angle!(not legal!)

sixlostmonkeys Fri 01-Feb-13 05:20:18

As far as I know - If the event organisors don't charge for the food they are not liable.
I have known a few fund raising organisations get around the this (the cost of insurance outweighing the funds raised) by not actually selling the buns etc but by asking for a donation.

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