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demanding tenant

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Akiko100 Wed 30-Jan-13 18:49:21

Since she moved in, this tenant has bombarded me with lists of demands and complaints. I have gone out of my way to accommodate her wishes, but she seems to never be satisfied.
Bought new fridge, new hob, changed the whole cistern and pan. Moved all the furniture out, new wardrobe and so on.
She claimed that one of the bedrooms is too cold because not well insulated, I paid her back £170 As a compensation.
She is now not happy with the decoration. I had a lick of paint before she moved in, just to freshen up the flat. The agent was satisfied, the inventory clerk described the flat as recently decorated, but according to the tenant, the flat is not'professionally' decorated'.
I suspect that she will now try to claim more money of me
I really had enough!

popsgran Wed 30-Jan-13 18:57:14

if the agent says the flat is ok then it must be.get the agent to deal with this.the tenant signed the agreement with the flat in whatever state it was in.apart from lack of insulation she saw everything.Do not be bullied.internal decoration is normally down to the tenant.I usually ask myself if i could live in one of my houses.Its a good rule of thumb.Clean,neutrally decorated and all legal matters attended to ie gas cert.perhaps environmental health at the council could advise on insulation/heat retention etc.get your agents to earn their fees.

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