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If exhusband burns house down..

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shutthebloodydoor Sat 26-Jan-13 18:52:51

This is a question for my friend really, She has been going through a devorce and they have been split up 5 years. He was eventually caught out of a long line, also he was physically and emo abusive. The family house which neither of the reside at needs to be sold and is part of devorce settlement. There isnt much to pay of morgage, but neither can afford to stay in house by self. At the moment a lodger is in the house and is paying husband rent non of that goes to my friend but thats going through court at moment. The husband is racking up thousands of pound of debt by not answering court requests, letters , orders. The house will have come down in value due to husband not maintaining looks like a warehouse. Originally he said he was going to buy her out but he was just stalling and really had no intention and all this is going back to court to push for a sale. The thing is, this man has all ready threatened to burn house down last year rather than let her have it, it was logged with police but sons wouldnt make a statement against dad. The rising debts and the general narassistic qualitys of this man leads his ex wife to beleive that indeed he really would torch it for the insurance/he dosnt want her to have it/he feels he can! My question is.. if he did burn it (and hopefully got life!!) would she be entitled to the insurance as both of them are on it? x

clam Sat 26-Jan-13 20:57:05

Seriously? Insurance companies aren't stupid. Forensic investigators would spot arson a mile off and nobody would get any payout. Especially if the ex is logged as having threatened to burn It down anyway.

MOSagain Mon 28-Jan-13 12:05:22

and even if he did burn it down, he wouldn't get life, unless of course someone was in it at the time

STIDW Mon 28-Jan-13 23:10:00

Cutting off ones nose to spite the face comes to mind. Someone who lived down the road from me actually did burn the house down so that his ex-wife didn't get it. What he didn't realise was land tends to be worth more than buildings and the court awarded the wife all the land so only the husband lost out.

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