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really not sure what I'm looking for...advice need please

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BattlingFanjos Mon 21-Jan-13 20:44:56

Just over 12 months ago I had a ridiculously petty row with a "friend" not even gonna say what it was about it was that stupid. It resulted in her completely losing it and reporting me to social services for neglecting my son (horrific allegations). This was proven to be malicious (obvious to me and my family but was extremely upsetting and involved a hospital visit for my 4yo son). She then reported me for benefit fraud (again unfounded). She sent messages through Facebook and texts to my phone (changed my number). She even went to my son's nursery and told them lies about how I was treating my son. It lasted about 3 months (Jan to march) and ended when she gave birth to her ds. I spoke to the police/ss/benefit fraud about taking it further. A police officer called her on the phone (???) to issue a harrassment warning but decided not to as he saw it as a petty dispute and in his words "the people who come to the police first aren't usually the victims" ridiculous! All calmed down eventually as I said and I've not had any issues with her since. I never once confronted her about what she did, haven't spoken one word to her since either face to face or otherwise. On Friday I received a notification of a visit letter from the job centre, called them today to double check the appointment due to the snow and found out she has maliciously reported me again! I am beyond angry! Everything looks so petty now I've written it down but what she did caused so much heartache and upset and i refuse to go back through it because she's decided to start things up again. Who actually does this?! Is there anything I can do from a legal point? No one is helping me or taking me seriously. Sorry for long post, thanks in advance for any replies!

mrscumberbatch Mon 21-Jan-13 20:48:06

I'd be asking the police to take it further. The things that she is doing are very malicious.
I'd press on with them, if they aren't taking you seriously then take it to their bosses.

Doinmummy Mon 21-Jan-13 20:50:00

What a spiteful cow. Could you have a free half hour with solicitor to find out what your legal options are ?

tribpot Mon 21-Jan-13 20:54:30

I'm not sure I can be a massive help but I just wanted to say it certainly doesn't look petty written down - it sounds like a nightmare.

Your advice from the police sounds like bollocks to me. I will leave the legal beagles on this board to respond properly but it sounds like it fits within the definition of stalking and harassment.

Did you have proof it was her the last time, or did you make the (perfectly reasonable) assumption that it was based on the harassing and malicious texts and Facebook messages? Do you know it is her this time? I'd be surprised if the Job Centre people would confirm who had reported you.

BattlingFanjos Mon 21-Jan-13 21:03:06

Thank you for your replies! It has been horrendous (or was then!) she gave het name on the social services referral and the benefit fraud allegation. This time I have assumed as its the exact same thing (complete lie, not one ounce of fact which is even more bizarre). The benefit fraud one she left her name on and the social service one the same but she asked me to not to know (found out via very lax police record keeping!). I'll have a read through the stalking and harrassment piece thank you.

Spoke to a legal advisor last year about it who said my best chance is paying and suing her for slander/deformation of character and I had no chance. I really am so fed up about it! Going to speak to the visiting advisor from job centre but not much uses as she's kept it anon this time.

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