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Housing issue/divorce/mortgage arrears!!!

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Redflagcatcher Sun 20-Jan-13 10:24:46

Just a brief outline incase anyone has any ideas.....
my ex and i split up in 2009. i lived in the marital home until early 2012 but decided to move out when my ex had to leave his rented accommodation and the marital home became so run down i wanted to move the kids out. The house went on the market over a year ago. My ex agreed to move back in when we had left and make some improvements to sell it. It needing painting and small improvements as well as central heating out in and larger things doing.

He didn't do anything for 6months and then got involved with a new girlfriend so nothing happened on the house improvement front. He then lost his job. The mortgage has got into arrears. I am on the mortgage jointly.
I have seen a solicitor for my free half hour and she says there's nothing I can do. I can't afford to get divorced as I don't have £300 to my name.

He told me yesterday he plans to put the price of the house up as come electricity poles are coming out of the garden, thus increasing the value of the house. However the house is going from bad to worse and looks terrible as he has trouble doing washing up let alone giving it a once over with a lick of paint.

He had a viewing yesterday and he told them the price is going up.

He says if we don't sell the house for a higher price he will go bankrupt as he has debts to pay off (some from our marriage but he has borrowed much more since we split).

He pays very little maintenance as he says the mortgage comes first. He has started working for himself so have no idea how much he earns.

I get some housing allowance but they want constant proof I am trying to sell my old house so when I tell them the price has gone up they may decide to stop my housing allowance....??

I know there are many issues her but any advice welcome

Rockchick1984 Mon 21-Jan-13 01:39:37

How much is outstanding on the mortgage, and how much are you realistically likely to sell for? How much does he think it will sell for?

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