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Family Court

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flowerangel Wed 16-Jan-13 14:03:22

I'm quite new to this but could do with some advice. Am due in court again this week regarding daughter, 11 and contact review. She has not seen her dad for 3 years, her choice but we end up in court every 6 mths or so. Every other time i've paid for a Solicitor, but the costs are crippling us so i've decided to go alone this time. We have had 2 CAFCASS reports. Last time we went judge ordered letters only every month. Ex sent 3, nothing since september. We are now going for review. CAFCASS report states that daughter does not want to go and he should basically abide by her wishes. They have advised NO contact order. Just wondering if any ones got advice on what to say to reiterate this.
Am getting really worked up HELP

Collaborate Wed 16-Jan-13 16:14:20

You don't need to say anything. Go with the flow.

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