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Contacted police for advice, they've logged info but I don't want to take any action. Just wanted advice!

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Wereonourway Wed 09-Jan-13 17:43:14

Hi all Ill try to be brief.
Ex has been ea in past, since we split he has sent me nasty texts although this has now stopped(last 2 weeks)
My dm insisted I call police to "log" what's gone on despite it now not occurring in case it were to start again.
My solicitor has written to ex about these texts.
I rang local non emergency number tonight hoping to just have a chat and get some advice.
The switchboard operator has logged my complaint and is insisting someone come out to see me to take statement.
I really don't want this. Everything is calm at minute, it's in hands of solicitors and situation is calm.
I'm at no risk and neither is ds.
I rang back and spoke to someone else who said as it is logged I would have to meet with an officer to sign to say I didn't want any further action, I really only rang for advice.
I explained situation to her and someone is calling me tomorrow, I'm hoping to explain situation and not have anything actually happen.
I feel like I'm wasting police time and as its been logge as a domestic situations and we have a ds will this trigger any investigations even if I ask for no further action??
Also they took ex's details(switchboard operator insisted).
I certainly don't want him contacted.
God what a mess

cestlavielife Wed 09-Jan-13 19:33:15

Better you make statement and log it in case you need this reference in future. They not going to arrest him for a few texts but if continues or other incidents in fututure then will count

financialwizard Sat 12-Jan-13 15:59:25

Totally agree with above. Believe me you will be grateful if it escalates. I was

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