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REMO not working what now?

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doomsday Thu 03-Jan-13 00:01:15

Hi hope someone can help me work out what I do next? I applied for court order for maint for ds in 2008 ex was being recalled as not paying order and for increase due to ds disabled, I had to give up my job and more needs and ex wages increased 400% from 2005 I agreed to much less as ds disability not evident then as under 1 yr old and I worked and was happy with amount I suggested (much lower than CSA figure. Ex stopped paying after 6 months.

Ex went on run from courts and they tried to serve ex 13 times. This is Republic of Ireland

I then had to get PI to find where ex works address and court served him their and he appealed...I had to send in my reasons for Court order to continue. This was 13 months ago.
I contact court cleck who replies each time to say Registrar to the Decision Judge has not got back to her and she will contact me when she has news...she never does as I have to email again every 3 months to be told same thing over and over.

Is their anything I can do now?
Can a solicitor help? Can I get legal help for this?
It has cost me over 5K so far fighting for ds maintenance and I have not seen a penny maint.....makes me cry the money I wasted!

Is their anything else I can do? As Courts not doing anything!

Collaborate Thu 03-Jan-13 11:29:32

Don't want your post to go unanswered, but I've not much to offer. REMO can involve you getting an order here and enforcing it abroad, or getting an order abroad. Sometimes your costs are covered in the other country. It's quite complicated, and your solicitor should be able to advise further.

doomsday Thu 03-Jan-13 13:48:56

Thanks Collaborate, you are right I should not hold any hope what so ever! The order was served in 2005 here and sent to EIRE ex went on run...I tracked the deadbeat down for irish courts to issue court papers again and he appealed! Decision judge I was told would take 8 weeks to decide...that was 13 months ago <sigh>

Could I get legal aid for this? Back in 2005 it cost me 1K as was working PT for just the initial court order. I don't have that type of money as every penny goes on ds extra needs, can't work, mortgage etc

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