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How long can you wait to report fraud?

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juniperdewdrop Thu 20-Dec-12 00:55:30

Basically exdh and I were ripped off big style by his brother. We were duped into lending him a huge sum of cash. He send emails of evidence that he was going to be getting a huge cheque (over 250K) So exdh lent him over 16K. Madness I know.
Exbil asked for another 6K and I said I felt something wasn't right. So I went over the email and noticed the typesetting wasn't right. The 5 on the date was different to a 5 on the amount. I guessed he'd already had this cash and had just altered the date to look like he was getting it.
He'd had a lavish wedding and been spending like crazy. I can't reveal too much about the reason for the big payment as it'd out him. He was semi famous put it that way. So I reckoned they'd spent up and he was trying to fleece a few people.
He conned his parents and other people including friends. Then they had to move away. Were very secretive about where.
Exdh is in touch with him now but only occasionlly. How he can stomach him I don't know? Exdh could do with the cash as he isn't earning much now. That won't happen though.
The only reason I didn't do anything is I adore my exmil and late exfil. Now exmil is dying I think I'd like to at least scare him into maybe paying some back? Once she goes not yet.
But maybe he knows his rights? This happened years ago, around 9.
I have the evidence still on my old PC so could unearth it.
I think seeing him squirm would at least give me some joy.
He doesn't bother with his mum so I have no worries about hurting his feelings. Oh well he does to get cash off her. She's lovely too sad
Exdh definitely hasn't had the cash back. I know that for a fact. Although wouldn't put it past him to lie too but I do know he hasn't.
Any help much appreciated.TIA

Pisces Thu 20-Dec-12 01:05:16

This strikes me as rather strange; this is your EX dh's brother. Why are you bothering to get involved? It should no longer be your concern unless you are still fighting your ex for a financial settlement. It could be his word against your ex DH that he was given it as a gift considering it has been 9 years or more since the money was given (lent) to him. I think you would have to consider it as a "write-off" after all this time (unless there is a signed agreement for repayment and terms). Why has your EX DH not tackled him about it before now?

Or, as you say, he is "semi-famous" do you want to embarass him in the press? And if so, why?

juniperdewdrop Thu 20-Dec-12 01:15:30

Exdh is in agreement with me. He's still seething too. The only reason he didn't do anything about it was because of his parents. He did tackle him. Exdh and I get on extremely well, I'm his main support. He confides in me all the time. So that is unusual. Plus the fact it was our money he basically stole off us is why it's my concern.
So I've mentioned this to exdh and he agrees.
All I wanted to know was do we have any rights regarding time lapsed? He did sign for some of the cash.
It's mainly to give him a shock we probably won't do anything about it. Hopefully it'd stop him in his tracks?
And no way do I want to go to the press he's not even semi famous now. It was something he did back then. Not that it would cross my mind. I wouldn't want my dcs dragged into something like that.

babybarrister Thu 20-Dec-12 21:25:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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