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Hearing at family court

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smiler01 Wed 12-Dec-12 17:08:11

But then would we have to pay again to go back to court June time to vary the order?
We've already spent a lot of money when we were going thru solicitors and if her barrister hadnt of told us that there would be another hearing these last few things would have been dealt with last week and then only needing to return to court if she doesn't comply again!

cestlavielife Wed 12-Dec-12 16:31:30

how many birthdays are there betwen now and june?
maybe wait and see how it goes, keep good records of contact happening/not happening and why eg all communciation polite from his side and by email.

by june either bother parties happy and willing to agree other contact without going back to court - or it is all a disaster and he has good evidence to go abck to court.
give it some time til june and monitor the situation keep good records.

smiler01 Wed 12-Dec-12 11:43:00

My partner had court on Thursday for contact (representing himself), it was listed as a final hearing but on arrival at court his ex's barrister said they didn't want to go in to court and throw evidence at each other but to come to an agreement.

She gave my partner his ex's proposals and we tweaked them a little, added a little extra and all was agreed so a schedule was prepared of gradual contact up until June next year when he will be having the children every other sat over night etc. alternate Xmas was agreed and he was given PR for his youngest child.

However, during the discussions with her barrister my partner mentioned holidays and the kids birthdays but he was told there would be another hearing for that.
The barrister told my partner that the magistrates were getting annoyed at waiting and they had to go in to court straight away, not allowing him time to read the draft order (she did this last time too)

In court the extra overnight contact that he added which was agreed hadn't been written on the the draft order plus they slipped in a few other things like no 3rd parties which wasn't discussed, were fine with no 3rd parties to begin with but some of the gradual contact is unsuitable whilst no 3rd parties are involved which could have been discussed and timescales changed had they not been so sneaky about it!!

Anyway in court he mentioned these things but no one really took much notice and it turns out there are no more hearings listed like the barrister said there would be, although it states extra contact can be agreed with both parties.

He really feels that holidays, kids birthday and eventually every other weekend fri-sun should be listed in an order due to the fact his ex has been so hostile with contact for 2 years and could easily not allow him any holidays or to see kids on birthdays as not in the order.

We have thought that perhaps we should write to the court explaining we were under the impression there would be another hearing and how we feel these other things should also be listed in an order and request a hearing July next year to finalise the arrangements. We sent exhibits with his recent statement to show how hostile she has been even throughout the interim orders.

Is this the best way to deal with this??


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