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Is there anyway of getting a copy of a will without knowing the DOB of DOD?

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SantaJaxx Sun 09-Dec-12 17:58:03

Brief background;

My nan died 4 years ago. She lived with her partner whom she had been with for 30 years. She was very ill before she died, and my mum was basically her carer. Although she didn't live with her she went round everyday and cared for my nan, and to some extent her partner, who was also ill. Before she died both my nan and her partner told my mum that their house would go to her when they died.

After my nan died there was a big falling out between my mum and 5 of her 6 brothers. They pretty much poisoned my nan's partner against my mum and he stopped speaking to her. Fast forward 2 years and my nan's partner died. No one told my mum, I found out from status update one of my cousins put on FB. hmm

Basically I've since found out that all my uncles were left some money in the will. My mum got nothing. The house has also now been sold. Now my nan's partner was illiterate, when she was alive my nan did any forms or anything he needed to fill in and he would sign. My mum was in the original will. It's possible 1 of my uncles (who has form) could have changed the wording of the will and cut my mum out and just got my nan's partner to sign it. I have a feeling that my mum might have been left some money (possibly) but my uncle who took care of all things financial for my nan's partner just hasn't coughed up. I know he was the person left in charge of the will. (Can't remember what that's called).

If we could get a copy of the will then we could find out once and for all, if she was actually in it. Problem is, we don't know his date of birth or the date of his death (only the month and year). I don't suppose there's any way around that when getting a copy of a will?

SantaJaxx Sun 09-Dec-12 17:59:26

That wasn't so brief, sorry. blush

prh47bridge Sun 09-Dec-12 19:45:26

You don't need the date of birth for a probate search. The month and year of death, full name and address should be enough. You can either go to your District Probate Registry and do the search yourself or complete this form and send it with the appropriate fee to the Postal Searches and Copies Department.

SantaJaxx Mon 10-Dec-12 14:14:12

Thanks very much prh47bridge, that was very helpful. thanks

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