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Breaking tenancy agreement early

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crochetcircle Mon 03-Dec-12 17:14:06

Just after advice or other's experiences.

We signed a tenancy agreement on a house for 12 months, with a break at 6 months, 2 months ago.

We subsequently bought a house which we had tried to buy earlier in the summer, but the sale had fallen through just before our second baby was due - hence the rush to get a rental. It was a quick purchase and we are now liable for rent and mortgage - ouch! Although we knew this when we made the deal, I would like to limit our liability to the landlord if possible.

I've explained all this to the landlord and letting agent, and they have been very reasonable and are re-marketing the property. However, they say no-one has contacted them to view it - its been on the market for 3 weeks already. This is in North London, Zone 3. I think we might have paid too much for the house as we were desperate and didn't have much time to negotiate - the rental market was very busy in September when we were looking. Of course its a lot quieter now its getting close to Christmas.

I realise that contractually we don't have a leg to stand on and we must honour the contract if no new tenants come forwards. I don't want the landlord to lose out because of the decision we took to buy a house.

However it feels like they have no real incentive to re-let the property as we are liable for the rental even though we won't be living there.

Today I offered to buy our way out of the contract paying 2.5 months of the remaining 4 in our contract. It seems likely the landlord will refuse this offer.

What would you do? Any advice? Do we have any rights at all?

crochetcircle Sat 08-Dec-12 17:11:24

Can anyone help?

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