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Can I terminate this contract?

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dontquotem3 Thu 29-Nov-12 18:28:08

I not so recently (April '12) upgraded my mobile contract over the phone. I was offered and accepted a few services including unlimited landline calls. Roll on a few months and I come to realise that this service had not and is not added to my account. I was advised by a representative of the company that they would internally request the recording of the call, and to give them 16 working days. This was on the 5th of Nov. I called the company today, not only have they not listened, they do not even have it as they do not keep these recordings past 90 days. Lucky for me I have my own recording of the original sales call.

But from April till now I have not received this service sold to me. Can I terminate the whole thing?

dontquotem3 Thu 29-Nov-12 19:49:22

Can no one help? Any pointers at all...please.

Caerlaverock Thu 29-Nov-12 19:50:29

Go into a shop and raise merry hell

BobbiFleckmann Thu 29-Nov-12 19:53:14

have you paid for the upgraded service you requested? if not, no. If yes, possibly but it depends on what the contract says - possibly they will only refund the difference for the monhths you haven't received the service / extra landline call costs and keep you locked in but give you the service you requested

dontquotem3 Thu 29-Nov-12 20:01:34

Thank you both for replying.
Bobbi - Yes I have already paid. The reason why there have been extra call charges is because they have not added the unlimited landline minutes to my account as they should have. At the point of sale I was offered unlimited landline calls and until not still have not received that service on my account.

I am writing an email to their CEO at the moment, not sure whether that will help.

Have they not mis-sold this contract to me then? Albeit over the phone.

dontquotem3 Thu 29-Nov-12 21:12:22

Here is a draft of my email to the CEO. It is long, but will it be effective?

Hello Mr Lawrence,

First, allow me to say that I have been a Vodafone customer for many years and, I must say, not without incident in that time.

On the 4th of April 2012, I received a call from a Vodafone sales representative, named Aisha, to see if I wanted to upgrade at that time because I was nearing the end of my previous contract.
This call lasted for 17 minutes and 46 seconds, during which I was offered: 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 500mg of internet (data), 1gig of BT OpenZone and unlimited landline calls, all at £23.25 and for the duration of the 24 month contract.
I listened intently to your representative, asked pertinent questions, which were answered fully and reiterated what I was offered more than once.

A few months later, it becomes apparent to me that my bill has been higher than what it should be on more than one occasion. On the 5th of November 2012, I called customer services to query this. At this time I find out that the unlimited landline service has not been added to my account. And, that I have been charged for some landline calls where I should not have been. I told the lady I spoke with that I have a recording of the original point of sale (4th April 2012). I was advised to go to a Vodafone store, have a member of staff listen to the recording and then go from there. I remonstrate that it is not my job to do this and the lady tells me that it would be quicker this way.

That same day (05.11.2012) I went to your store in the Whitgift Centre (Unit 36), and repeated what the customer service representative had said to me. The member of staff I spoke to said he was unable to facilitate that and that I should call customer services again, which I did, in the store.
I spoke to a different customer service representative named Marina and explained my position. She told me that my bills have been high as my discount had not been applied, and that if I check my account I will see that for the 9th of September, Vodafone had only taken £10.76 out of my account. To her and your company’s credit this was correct.

In regard to my not receiving unlimited landline calls, Marina told me that she would have to make a request for a particular department to retrieve and listen to the call internally and that I could not have a member of staff in the store listen to the recording that I had. She said that she would make this request and for me to expect a response in 16 working days. I said okay and left the call at that. Sixteen working days has come and gone.

Today, 29th November 2012, I once again called customer services, this time I spoke with someone named James. I asked him whether unlimited landline calls had yet been applied to my account. He replied no. I told him about my call with Marina and asked whether the task of finding and listening to the recording had been done. James answered no. He then tells me that Vodafone does not keep these recordings past 90 days and that I shall have to go in store and have a member of Vodafone staff listen to my recording and put a note on the system.

I ask you, is this a joke?

I am very disappointed with the level of customer service I have received in recent months, and as a result I wish to terminate my contract with good reason. I am paying for service that I am not receiving. Vodafone has not seen fit to do anything about this, when there has been more than enough opportunity for Vodafone to do so. I have not been contacted via any medium to discuss this issue I am having. I told James that I am not happy and he said “I know”, offering no further recourse.

I have proof that because what had been offered to me, and accepted, at point of sale has not been added to my account, I have incurred extra call charges. This problem that I am now facing is not due to customer error. The error is with you, with Vodafone
I look forward to hearing from you, within seven working days, in regard to this problem and what Vodafone is going to do about this.


Ms A Abdallah

dontquotem3 Fri 30-Nov-12 18:16:22

Well, less than expected but a result anyway. They have now applied my landline minutes to the remainder of my contract. And, shall be refunding me to the tune of £70.57. I asked for compensation on top of that, you could have heard a pin drop! It was not forthcoming. Before we even got to that stage, they had the cheek to say that they would "take me at my word" and would not be refunding any incurred calls charges. I said on your nelly and told them I had incurred charges because they had not done the right thing in the first place. So, a small win, but I shall never forget this. I have a year and a bit left them I'm outta there. No more business for Vodafone from my pocket! Roll on 2014 sad and still angry

Thanks to all for your help, flowers

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