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age discrimination, is this legal?

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I guess the gov wont listen though. As usual!

I do think they need to boost employment across the board and not just with 18-24s. I doubt it will happen soon.

Lougle Thu 29-Nov-12 09:07:37

Try this one instead It seemed to add 'news' to the end of the URL for some reason, breaking the link.

Thanks. The article doesnt work though. Maybe I have to pay for it.

Its really bothering me. I know youth employment is high, but theres a staggering amount of jobs on these schemes in proportion to the number of jobs overall.

If the government can find jobs/create jobs for these schemes (or create schemes which encourage employers to employ) then why do they stop at 24. There are a lot of people out there desperatly wanting jobs who are older.

Bit of a rant, but honestly its really bugging me. I know theres no point asking the JC if I can apply anyway, but maybe I should just to raise the point!

Lougle Thu 29-Nov-12 07:10:23

article here

Legal opinion is that both employers offering the positions and the Government could be sued, but that they will be able to claim objective justification on the grounds that youth unemployment is so high.

I live in N.Ireland. In our jobcentre there are now a large number of jobs which are part of two new schemes. Both schemes are only open to applicants aged between 18-24.

I am 25. Its very frustrating to see jobs which I could do but cant apply for due to my age. Especially as there are very little jobs around at all.

So basically, is this legal? Surely its age discrimination?

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