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Additional nursery fees suddenly materialised

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BoBoo Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:07

My daughter goes to breakfast club and after school club. I was told before I booked her in that the fee for after school club was £x and breakfast club was included. I have needed to book her in for an extra day and told that after school club is £x and breakfast club is £y. The invoices we get every month don't contain any detail, so with two children with different fees, childcare vouchers, 15 free hours etc it's very hard to work out what's been going on.

I understand that going forward, if they want to charge me x&y they probably can, but if I never agreed to this fee, can they have charged me this from September to date? I have an email confirming that the price is £x. I have taken this up with the nursery's head office, didn't get a response but have just had a new invoice with the breakfast and after school club seperated out.

BoBoo Tue 27-Nov-12 19:05:55

Sorry, to clarify, this is at a private nursery where both my children went until the eldest went to school in September. The youngest still goes so logisitcally it was easier to go there rather than the school club and was happy to pay an extra couple of pounds over the school rates, but this makes it much more expensive.

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