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Can you be forced to sign the Divorce Absolute?

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Tamisara Mon 26-Nov-12 13:40:33

I'm asking on behalf of my Dsis, and I'm a bit confused as to the proper terminology.

Basically - she is going through an acrimonious divorce. Her stbxh has agreed to sign the house over to her as long as she gets a mortgage beforehand (I think she'd have been better off selling and getting a cash settlement, but not my decision, and Dsis thinks their son is settled there).

Her ex has given her very little time to arrange a mortgage and has arranged a court hearing in a couple of days to finalize the divorce.

She wants to know if she can be forced to sign, or if she can delay for two years?

MOSagain Wed 28-Nov-12 13:01:04

ahh, she's back! <wonders whether a certain poster works for the SLA or perhaps the Daily Mail?>

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