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Non payment of a substantial refund

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avenueone Wed 21-Nov-12 20:49:17

I ordered some things from an on line, very well known clothing company (not sure if I am allowed to name on here) and I returned goods to the value of £170.

I have an email to say they received them and would process my refund.

A month later - no refund, so I emailed their customer services department who did not state they had paid it but asked straight away that I scan in photocopies of my bank statement from the time of purchase, showing the purchase to today to show that the refund has not been made.

I feel very uncomfortable about giving them these bank statements and personal information as it is four weeks of transactions and wonder if they can make me do this? surely their records show this payment has not been made?

Any advice appreciated.

There is one added hick up - I paid by pay pal and my pay pal account moved a week ago to another bank account as I am closing the old bank account down next week... I have personally checked the new bank account and it is not there either. I have not mentioned the change as I thought they may say they tried the payment and it didn't go through so I could just ask they tried again but it seems they haven't checked if they have paid and are asking me to provide the statement.. sorry ended up long this post.

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