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Company Director + credit history

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Holly2021 Sat 17-Nov-12 19:35:11

Been asked to be a director of a new company - in fact, a voluntary organisation I'm involved with on the brink of becoming a CLG so it can engage workers, trade and, in due course, also become a charity.

I no longer have CCJs against me - I did in the past as part of a couple but the debts have been fully serviced so that much is history - but my other half does have a current CCJ against him. (It's something he's dealing with through legal channels.)

So, altogether our credit history isn't good and I doubt that if credit checks against the individual directors were done, I'd be OK.

The organization already has a bank account - I'm not a signatory - and I have no reason to believe that my details would need to be relayed to the bank if/when the account is changed to reflect the fact that we're a company.

I'm not barred from being a co director (I've checked the rules), but I am worried that this history will come up and I would, naturally, be mortified.

Anyone with experience of becoming a co director in similar experiences? Any thoughts gratefully received.

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