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Road Rage - Is it illegal to tell someone to "fu*k off" ?

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AcesandAches Thu 15-Nov-12 18:51:44

I've just experienced a really horrible road rage incident and am so upset and mortified as the other party has taken a photo of my reg and said he's going to the police.

In short, what happened was I was parallel parking outside my house, and the front of my car swung out and came within a few inches of the drivers door of a porsche waiting in traffic on the other side of the road. My car didnt touch the other one, it came very close but it didnt touch it. However, the man in the porsche rolled down his window and shouted at me calling me a "stupid woman" among other things. I pointed out that no damage was done so there was no need to make a big deal of it. More shouting from him and he started to drive away.

Then, I really stupidly and totally out of character, told him to "fu*k off". I think I was just trying to get the last word in and I know it was an incredibly stupid thing to say. So he jumps out of the car and takes a photo of my reg with his phone and tells me I should expect to hear from the police. I, like an idiot, just sat paralysed in my car and did nothing.

Now Im really worried that the police will come knocking on my door and I'll get a penalty notice for disorder. A Mum I know was passing by when all this was going on and she will say he was being aggressive towards me if need be, but I cant deny that I swore at him. But right now I'm totally shaken and upset by the whole incident. Can anyone offer any info on this? Is it an offense to swear at someone like that and could it justify a PND?

cumfy Sat 17-Nov-12 14:58:05

Are you certain you didn't even graze his car ?

If you didn't nothing is going to happen.

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