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katiekin2012 Thu 15-Nov-12 08:21:10

My hands are shaking and I am distraught. at 07.30 this morning I received a solicitors letter which I signed for from royal mail. It was a solicitors letter for me to sign to make our jointly owned home into a tenancy in common. (currently joint tenants)

After a long marriage to a controlling and abusive H which has become tolerable to me since our children left home a few years ago simply because he has nothing to hold over me anymore. Any nastiness washes over me and I can enjoy my friends and my daughters family on my terms.

My H has been asking for this so he can will his half of the house to whoever he likes but I have refused because it would be a gun to my head permanently, something I thought I had escaped at last. Any step out of line and his half goes to his brother etc. Its just another form of control.

I dont want a divorce, my half of the house would not be enough to house me anywhere except some very dodgy areas. I was happy for him to go his way and me mine. I have just retired and have a small pension.

I did not sign the letter and will not, but he says signing to accept the letter counts in law and it can be done now against my wishes..

Please help. Is he right. Are we now tenants in common?

mumblechum1 Sat 17-Nov-12 13:50:06

Just in case you need any guidance on the will front, OP, I have an advert over on Small Business (Classified) as I'm a will writer (recently retired as a divorce lawyer).

If you just want a bit of info, no pressure whatsoever to do a will with me, you can PM me or email me through the website on the advert.

katiekin2012 Sat 17-Nov-12 14:03:29

Many thanks mumblechum1. I'll see what H has put in his (he offered to show me to 'reassure' me) but I'm not holding my breath as the solicitor will be keeping it.

I will get it done properly though as I know there are pitfalls.

katiekin2012 Sat 17-Nov-12 14:07:22

He says he will leave it to our children but wills can be changed quite easily. Think this is the moment I just do the 'stick the bad thoughts in a cupboard and ignore them' and forget it all. (apart from my own will!)

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