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Residence Order - advice please

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doyourworst Fri 02-Nov-12 16:02:57

STBXH and I have a difference of opinion over the wording of Residence order, which indicates 50/50 split and sharing of school holidays - argument being he's focused on term-time 50/50 split and doesn't want to split the Christmas holiday.

What happens now? Residence order was drafted by his solicitor, can I write direct to her to ask for her to clarify? How much does it cost to take these things back to court to get ironed out and is that even an option?

It's all a bit of a nightmare as I left STBXH because of EA and we now have this 50/50 arrangement, which is just prolonging the EA pain, especially when court orders have been worded with loop holes that can be left to interpretation. He's just saying no to my case and basically saying he won't engage in discussion because I was not "tactful" in my approach. I am fully appreciative that the courts only want what's best for the children (DCs do seem perfectly happy, BTW) but it makes me cross that they don't consider the impact of EA on the parent experiencing it. He is incredibly difficult and awkward to deal with and just turns personal when I try and stand up for myself. I wasn't even asking for much, just to take the kids to their grandparents for two nights, instead of the one I would be afforded if we were to stick to term-time arrangements.

(Hello to STBXH, who has been known to stalk me on MN).

babybarrister Sat 03-Nov-12 00:54:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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