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Legal advice relating to court case/witnesses/contact

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nearlyuptheduff Fri 02-Nov-12 13:55:25

Hi there,

My father is in the middle of a rather nasty court case in which my mother is claiming he assaulted her (grabbbed the lapel of her jacket).

The case was put to be by the procurator fiscal and as long as there were no further reports or "offences" then it would not go to court.

I was due to be a key witness if it had gone to court (long story, won't go into it). My mother has now sent me a copy of the letter the procurator fiscal sent her.

I feel as a key witness that this is HIGHLY innapropriate and I am sure the fiscal would take a dim view of her doing this. Any advice on what to do? Send it back to her? Send it to the fiscal? Send it to her solicitor and tell him to pass on a message that I think sending it was a bad idea and not to contact me?


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