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Power of Attorney - how to word these letters?

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paulapantsdown Thu 01-Nov-12 19:27:03

I have POA for my Uncle, who is now very happily settled into a nice nursing home. His finances got out of hand for him, and the stress of managing things contributed to him having a nervous breakdown, along with managing everyday life, other health issues and generally being very old!

Anyway, no bloody wonder he was stressed, as I eventually took out FIVE black sacks of paperwork from his flat, and its taken me ages to sort through it all. I have narrowed things down to about 5 different companies that he holds ISA's and Bonds (whatever the hell bonds are?!) with.

Now I have the POA, I am not sure what to do? The money is all over the place, and I need to consolidate it into one current a/c and one savings a/c. I know I need to write to these companies, and I have got several certified copies of the POA from the Solicitor ready, but what do I actually need to ask for? I could really do with some help wording the letters please.

Also, when these banks etc recognise the POA, are the accounts still in his name with my name on them also? How does it work in practical terms, ie; me walking into Santander, closing a savings a/c and transferring the funds to his Barclays current a/c?

Any help much appreciated - thanks

comethasmybrokentelly Thu 01-Nov-12 20:19:24

this incredible website might be able to help

paulapantsdown Thu 01-Nov-12 20:29:39

Thanks comet, but that website just tells you how to set up the POA in the first place, I've already done that - its what to do now!

AgentProvocateur Thu 01-Nov-12 20:40:20

Just write to them all, saying you have POA and ask for mail to be sent to you in future, and ask for up to date statement. When you know what's what, you can decide in next step. From my DH's experience, they will all be fine apart from Santander, who will be obstructive and incompetent.

AgentProvocateur Thu 01-Nov-12 20:44:06

Sorry - you wanted wording:

Dear blah

Re acc no xxx, Mr xx xx

Please accept this letter and enclosed certificate as confirmation that I am now acting as power of attorney for mr xx xx, and as such all correspondence should be sent to (your address) in the future.

Could you please forward me a statement for Account xxxx, and any other accounts that Mr xx xx has with Blah Bank / building society.

Yours etc.

tooearlytobeup Thu 01-Nov-12 20:46:38

I would call into the banks in person if you can. They will need to see ID for you and the POA document. They can photocopy this and give it back to you then. Its easier to do in person as they need to take a copy of your signature and can get you set up with telephone banking and internet if you need it.

The accounts will stay in his name, but you will have authority to give instructions, issue cheques etc.

Once the POA is registered you can transfer money and close accounts in the same way that you would if it was your own accounts

paulapantsdown Thu 01-Nov-12 21:04:15

thanks Agent! I hope Santander have improved since you had to deal with them as they are main savings a/c I have to get sorted to pay the nursing home.

paulapantsdown Mon 05-Nov-12 12:33:35

So ... an update on Santander. I filled out all the forms in branch, they were sent via internal mail ... and never arrived! Now have to wait another week. I am afraid your prediction was correct AP.

AgentProvocateur Mon 05-Nov-12 20:04:01

I fear you will have a long painful road ahead with Santander, if they've fallen at the first hurdle. If they can get anything wrong, they will. At least I warned you, although I'd have been delighted for you if they'd proved me wrong.

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