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Final hearing / bundles / statements

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smiler01 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:42:20

Was wondering if someone could explain something please.

My partner has a final hearing listed and as he is representing himself the respondents solicitor is preparing the bundles.
Both parties need to file statements 2 weeks before the hearing which from our side is fine and will be done on time like we did last time. Last time however the other party didn't file/serve their statement till 8 weeks late and did it 2 days before the hearing. Their last statement was full of lies and we responded with evidence showing the lies as my partner was concerned the things she was saying could of had an impact on the contact he was given, the court accepted it etc.

I have a question that I wondered if someone could explain.

 I understand that at the final hearing they will both be questioned on their statements, my partner by the othersides barrister and my partner would need to do the questioning himself.
If once we receive their statement either on time or late and it is again full of false information and we have evidence that my partner would like to rely upon at the hearing how would we go about using it? I understand anything that is to be relied upon at the hearing needs to go in to the bundles, my concern is by the time the statements are filed especially if they send our copy late again the other sides solicitor would have dealt with the bundles already and so couldn't include it.
I'm not sure if that's even possible as I'm unsure when they would realistically look to do the bundles.

any information would be great.

Thank you smile

Collaborate Tue 30-Oct-12 13:46:03

I think you're over analysing it.

If you arer aware that there is an issue (a disputed claim) that the court will have to make a finding on, then you should be letting the other side have copies of what you want to put before the court, and send them now.

If you have had no prior indication that your claim that "A" occured is challenged, but that becomes apparent when you see the other side's statement and it's clear that it is an issue, then at that stage send them the stuff. Don't do anything other than exchange statements simultaneously.

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