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Contact orders and complying

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helpneeded01 Thu 25-Oct-12 13:37:04

Were concerned that once a contact order is granted contact still won't take place and I'm intrigued to know really how having an order in place will make much difference.

Obviously this is just our situation and everyone's is different but I'd love your opinions.

Basically my partner split from his ex and has always had contact with his daughter no set routine just as and when his ex partner agreed, this included a couple of times overnight contact in all honestly at this time they were always on and off and she hoped they would get back together, they separated for good (lots of history that ill not bore you with) and then found out she was pregnant but they didn't get back together despite her wanting to and that's basically when contact stopped, although she allowed the odd bit of contact during the pregnancy but the last 2.5 years since the second child was born he hasn't really been allowed to see them even more so since he has been seeing me (which is about 2 years) and has been going thru solicitors and now court. Told him a number of times by text she would do everything she could to not let him see the children, if he didn't love her then he didn't love them!

via court she made some allegations which the tests proved to be false and contact was granted, she failed to comply so we took it back to court she got a telling off and she failed to comply again, stopping and starting contact, not following all the other directions etc.

We now have a final hearing listed which I understand may not be the official final hearing but at present there is no reason for contact to not take place and were quite confident he will be awarded further contact but how on earth will she be made to have the children available for collection by their father on the days awrded. Unfortunately based on other things we've gone thru with her we know what she is like and how she works and she really isn't worried about not complying as so far there have been no consequences....are there ever concequences for not complying and handing the children over or are we likely to be fighting a battle every other weekend.

Collaborate Thu 25-Oct-12 13:43:15

All contact orders have a warning in them telling the person obliged to facilitate contact the consequences of disobeying an order.

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