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Garage workmanship caused wheel to fall off car with children and myself inside

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maxbradbury Wed 24-Oct-12 19:06:36

Ok had alloy wheel put on car on 4/10/12. Paid £899. Last night was driving into our roadf and heard a banging noise and felt the car drag then drop - the wheel had fallen off with me driving and dd6 and dd7 in car.
Greenflag have called and towed car into local garage. They have advised me that the wheel bolts for the alloy wheels are far too small and couldnt carry the weight. I also need a new wheel hub, break caliphur and break pads and have bumper damage all costing £650.
I called the company who fitted the alloy wheels and at first wouldnt accept any liability but then said if i get the garage to fax over the invoice they would look into this.
Where do i stand? Feel like im at the mercy of the garage here

Boomboomboomboom Wed 24-Oct-12 20:40:20

Have you contacted your insurance company and asked their advice?

Seems to me that the garage are bang to rights - negligent services caused forseeable damage - they pay for everything.

bureni Wed 24-Oct-12 20:43:44

did the actual wheel bolts break or did the just loosen up and were they the original ones that were fitted to the car?

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