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court and overnight stay

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helpneeded01 Mon 22-Oct-12 11:40:44

Could someone tell me how overnight is agreed as in the practical details I obviously understand overnight granted if best for children and no welfare issues etc.

Is it a case that court grant overnight without getting involved into practical details as in where the children will sleep or would the court be specific with details?

The reason I ask is were planning for my partners children to eventually stay overnight and it's being discussed at the final hearing next month.

We live in a fairly large 2 bed house, both rooms are double rooms my daughter who is 7 in one and myself and partner in the larger room.

The plan eventually would be for my partners children boy and girl currently 2&3 to sleep in my daughters room all together but we cannot fit bunk beds and a single bed in the room so was thinking about them Disney blow up beds.
My daughter uses them when she stays with relatives etc and so I personally think there a great idea along as their comfy/safe and extra clean bedding on them.
My partners ex would definitely object probably stating she wants them to have proper beds.

Could someone tell me what the courts view may be on this (I appreciate all judges different) but would they be ok with whatever type of bed as long as safe etc or stress would need real sturdy beds of their own?!

The only other option we would have is to buy a bunk bed with single at top and double at bottom or swap rooms as our room is a bit bigger and could fit normal bunk beds and a single in. we would do that if that was the only option.

His ex is objecting to all contact despite there being no welfare reasons etc so we are fairly confident overnight will be granted just we know she'll object to every suggestion we make and so just asking people in the know their opinions on how the courts deal with that.

Thank you smile

mumblechum1 Mon 22-Oct-12 11:49:50

If it's just once a week and preferably not a school night, I don't think the court would be concerned about blow up beds.

Collaborate Mon 22-Oct-12 12:06:31

But be aware though that the children will feel more at home if their bed isn't a blow up bed, and is something more permanent.

helpneeded01 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:07:10

Thank you sorry I should have said it would be every other Saturday to begin with building up to fri and sat every other week.

helpneeded01 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:14:53

Yeah long term we would need to think about them having their own beds. I guess we want to ensure that his ex will hand the children over as directed due to probs in past with not complying before buying new beds but in the long term we want our home to be a second home for them.
Thank you aswell smile

Sassybeast Mon 22-Oct-12 17:16:33

It's hardly a second home if they have blow up beds on the floor. Ex tried to palm the kids off with camp beds - if/when he's allowed to have them overnight again, social services are very clear that he will have to provide appropriate beds.
What about one of those bunk beds which has a double on the bottom ? Whislt hey are so small, the 2 youngest could share the double bit, with the girls sharing it as they get older with little lad on the top.

bumpybecky Mon 22-Oct-12 17:37:57

I wouldn't put children that young in bunks. I think the recommended minimum age for a top bunk is 6 years old.

I think I'd go with the blow up beds for now. Maybe tell them they were camping out? (mine have slept on the floor inside popup play tents in their rooms many times!)

The triple bunk with double at the bottom sounds like a good idea, but if the ex is the sort to look for problems she might object to her dd having to share the double with yours when they're older.

helpneeded01 Mon 22-Oct-12 22:24:37

Many thanks for replying and your suggestions.
With the bunk beds I considered my daughter being at the top bunk so age wise there wouldn't be an issue.

Regarding it being a second home to the children, I appreciate that as they get older they will need their own beds something that is there's at daddy's etc but whilst contact is very much on and off depending what mood his ex is in I was just ensuring that blow up beds etc would be ok until such time proper arrangements will be made subject to contact actually taking place as that has been an issue.
I also don't see it as palming the children off on blow up beds, my daughter loves staying at relatives in the bed and sees it as an adventure, I was just interested in how the courts view practical details

Thanks again

cestlavielife Mon 22-Oct-12 23:02:25

Is there a dining room or study downstairs that could ultimately be a room for them to stay in ? You could get wall or cupboard beds.

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