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Any ideas?

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cherryslt Wed 17-Oct-12 15:18:13


My ex partner has gained a prohibited steps order for our son(Court Case pending). The residence order for our child states that the child must reside at my ex partners residence, However i know for a fact that my son is not staying at the same address as my ex partner instead our son is staying with his grandparents.

Cafcass and my solicitor have told me i need proof of this, The problem being i have no idea how to proof it. The cafcass officer told me that they cannot do on spot checks and that they give notice of when there attending. My solicitor says i could employ a private detective however there evidence would likely not be considered in a family court.

Please does anybody have any advice? I have friends living in the same street as my ex partner but they are unwilling to write a statement on my behalf. This is how i know my son is not staying at the address. Plus whenever i see my ex my son is never with him.

Any ideas would be a great help


Collaborate Wed 17-Oct-12 15:41:25

School records?

Unless one of your witnesses is willing to come forward you're sunk, unless the child himself will tell cafcass where he's staying.

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