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Bit of a hypothetical question (Scottish family law)

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OptimisticPessimist Tue 16-Oct-12 19:44:59

I have 3 children with my XP who now lives in England and hasn't seen them for 18 months. All 3 were born in Scotland, he's on all 3 birth certificates and has PRRs for the younger two.

At some point I plan to take them abroad on holiday, possibly to America. As I understand it, I will require written permission from him to do this? What form should this take - does it need to be made official somehow? Do I need his permission to get passports?

If he doesn't give permission, can I take it to court? I have seen mentioned here in English law about a Specific Issue order, does the same thing exist in Scotland and how easy is it to get one? The last time I had a solicitor I was entitled to legal aid but obviously that could change - how easy is it to make the court application without a solicitor should I need to?

Really I need to get an idea of the time frames involved, we probably won't be going for quite a few years but I want to leave plenty of time to arrange the legal side of it. Tbh I'd prefer to get a sole residency order but afaik that's a highly unlikely outcome.

Thanks for any advice.

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