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anyone know the required notice for rent increase?

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LegoStuckInMyHoover Tue 16-Oct-12 19:17:08

Hi, I'm trying to get hold of CAB, but in the mean time I wondered if anyone knows the answer to this.
My landlord/agent wants to put up the rent by £100 per month from the end of Nov. The letter I recieved today said it would be payable from the end of Nov, as this is when my yearly tennancy agreement is up for renewal. The estate agent told me today that I have 2 weeks to decide if I want to pay the increase or hand in my notice. I dont mind an increase, but I think that £100 per month, with effectively 2 weeks notice/6 weeks notice seems a bit harsh and actually unreasonable. Or am I being unreasonable?

Can they do this? There seems to be so many different rules, and differing opinions on the internet! I have lived in the property for over 7 years-if that helps?

Thanks in advance to any help.......please!

LIZS Tue 16-Oct-12 19:38:26

I think they need to give you whatever the normal notice period to quit would be,usually 1 or 2 months for an AST.

Wandawingsthe2nd Thu 18-Oct-12 10:56:08

As it's the end of your rental period I am pretty sure that they can change it then and not before. If the tennancy is due to end then you don't acutally need to give any notice to quit although it is polite to do so.

£100 is quite a jump. Is the rent currently at market value or are you getting a good deal? I'd say that there is always room for negotiation. If this is the first rent increase in 7 years and it is currently under the market value then I think you have a pretty good deal.

mycatlikestwiglets Thu 18-Oct-12 13:45:16

The landlord is entitled to do this when your fixed period expires - assuming that you pay rent monthly, all that is required is a month's notice of the change. If you consider the increase to be unjustified when compared with the rental price of similar properties in the area why don't you go back to the agency and make an offer? You might find this helpful if you want to read more about your rights as a tenant.

However, if you have been living in the property for 7 years without an increase it's probably fair enough that the rent is being increased now. It all depends on whether what you are paying now is realistic in today's market.

Wandawingsthe2nd Thu 18-Oct-12 14:02:55

Whoa! I did not write tenancy with 2 n's. Goodness me!

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