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Neighbour lack of maintenance damaging my property

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Whatdoiknowanyway Mon 15-Oct-12 10:07:45

Neighbours are nice enough mother, three adult sons and teenage daughter.
They do absolutely no maintenance on their property. When we have pointed out problems in the past they have smiled sweetly and done nothing. some years ago we replaced a fence and later we paid for a tree to be cut down. Both, strictly speaking were their responsibility but it was clear nothing was going to happen and they were causing us problems rather than the neighbour so with their permission we dealt with them.

Now their gutter which overhangs our garage is leaking badly. Every time it rains there is a steady stream of water onto the garage roof and causing damp inside.
We have tried going round to talk to them but they don't answer the door. The dog barks, people are shouting at each other and even in one case peering out of the window but no one answers the door.
We have tried writing but they have ignored the letter.
What do we do next, what are our legal options? The solution may be for us to get it fixed but I resent having to take on responsibility for someone else's house maintenance.
Any advice gratefully received.

TinyTreasure10 Tue 16-Oct-12 08:48:38

Hi whatdoiknowanyway have you thought about getting in touch with environmental health?

They will probably ask you write a letter to your neighbour again. Give them 28 days to arrange appropriate works to fix the gutters and explain in that letter the damage it's causing to your property, and if it is not fixed in that time you will be seeking advice.

Not sure what the legal options are but environmental health should be able to help as it's causing damp within your property..

Hope you get this all sorted!

(also if you do write another letter, keep a copy of it yourself)

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