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Help - estate agent issues

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LauraSmurf Wed 10-Oct-12 22:06:57

Please help if you can. My DH and I are in a bit of a state.

We are buying a new build house and had sold our current house back in June. At the time of house sale the buyers were told, as we were, that our house would be built and ready in oct, nov or dec. our buyers said at the time they would wait. All fine.

Time has rolled on and after a lot of chasing etc we are all ready to exchange today with completion at end of nov. This evening we get a call from the estate agents saying our buyers are pulling out as the 'date had moved'. We were very perplexed as there had never been a date given.

Then the estate agent said that our builders had told then the 27 October. Which is total lies. We see the builders a couple of times a week and they would never have given that date. They refused to give us, their clients, a date. So they would never have given a date, and an unrealistic one at that! To our buyers.

We should add that after they closed out sale we began to severely distrust out agents. However as they had sold the house there wasn't a lot we could do.

We believe that the agents have been spinning our buyers a lie about an earlier date and have now had to tell the truth on attempted exchange and so it has all fallen through.

Do we have any legal leverage around them lying about these dates?

They do not have ANY documents with this supposed agreed October date on them. We really trust out builders and they have shown us documents and emails from our agents in the past when they beloved the agents were being sneaky. We do not trust our agents.

What can we do?
Thanks for reading this far!

ElbowFan Thu 11-Oct-12 16:27:49

I can't see how your agents benefit from the loss of the sale. No sale = no fee.

If there is anything in the emails you have seen which were sent to the builders which suggests anything but professionalism then you will have full grounds to readvertise with another agent.

I do not think that you have any way to persuade the existing would-have-been buyers that they should accept the dates as given (other than suggesting that they would not be able to move into anywhere else by the end of November), but its worth talking to your solicitor about what has happened.

sparkle9 Thu 11-Oct-12 23:02:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LauraSmurf Fri 12-Oct-12 20:25:48

Sadly not, there is nowhere wee can rent for a period of 4 weeks. No family in this country!!!

On the Kia side our buyers are reconsidering with us having offered to pay for their movers!

LauraSmurf Fri 12-Oct-12 20:26:17

That should say plus side not Kia side, odd autocorrect

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