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Minor - right to refuse service

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casper91 Wed 10-Oct-12 01:44:00

Hoping someone can help me here because Google is mostly providing US law. (I'm in UK). Will try and make this as short as possible without drip feeding.

I work in a bar which is part of a chain. We have a regular customer who has always caused minor problems (loud, rude, jumps the queue etc) and who we are pretty sure deals/ takes drugs on premises but haven't been able to catch him. Just in case it's relevant, we have had a new manager and new area manager in last few months.
Last week, this customer came up to the bar, got right in my face and shouted at me, telling me "I'm just warning you, you're pissing the wrong people off with your attitude. You're supposed to work here" etc etc. I told him he would be straight out the door if he threatened me again (I realise he didn't actually threaten me but my guard was up because of his body language and I jumped to conclusions) and asked what I was meant to have said. There had just been a minor incident with one of his friends regarding not having a specific glass clean, but I said nothing out of order. Spent the rest of the night worried for myself and DP who was also in there, as more and more of the customers friends came in. Other member of bar staff, when told, said he would have a word and then changed his mind and said he would leave it to manager to sort out next day. Also just remembered customer was actually supposed to be on his last warning before a life ban before all this for smoking on premises the week before.
Next day, customer is in the bar when I come on shift. Comes to bar, I tell him I won't be serving him, he storms off muttering to himself. Another group of customers then actually complained about him to the manager for something else, manager went to speak to him and they ended up rowing. Manager brought up the night before, told him not to intimidate staff again and learn some respect etc. (Customer also said his friends the night before had wanted to take my dp outside and "batter him" but he held them back - no idea why).
In again on Sunday, again refused service by me to which he just said alright and got somebody else to get his drink. No problem really, other than him slagging me off to other customers which I Ignored. Had a bit of a go at other bar staff for "grassing him up about the smoking" and also nearly got caught (we believe) taking drugs in toilet.
Have now heard tonight that manager has been complaining because I have refused service, and until he is barred I have to serve him.
Very, very sorry for the ramble, it was a long shift and I'm annoyed now, I feel like my manager is not backing me up even though I no longer feel safe with this man on the premises.
Just want to know, because I know I'm going to get a bollocking, whether I am within my rights to refuse service? Or is that only a managers privilege?
Thanks for staying with me and thanks in advance for any advice

mrsfuzzy Wed 10-Oct-12 11:28:40

i don't know the legal angle but i do know the law is in place to protect workers from the fear of assault and verbal abuse, personally i would tell my manager how intimidated i feel and ask him/her to do something about it a.s.a.p it might be that your manager chooses to ignore the situation and hopes it will go away, you might have to serve this pain in arris but don't get pulled into an arguement with them, ask other staff to keep a look out to back you up if the need arises. if your manager doesnt have the back bone to sort it out, you might have to take up the matter with the area manager, or if push comes to shove head office, do you belong to a union, might be an idea to join if you don't. boss can't stop you and you would get support and legal support should you need it. if i was you i,d keep a note of what happens and what is said in case you need it for future reference, get witnesses if possible, why should this prat make your working life a misery? good luck and let us know how it goes.

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