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neighbours workmen damaged my wooden fence (didn't see them)

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annoyednow Tue 09-Oct-12 17:56:01

My neighbours have workmen/builders in their house at the moment. They have been going in and out the front path throughout the day. They have been carrying stuff as well. We own the wooden fence beside the path between the two properties.

Our fence is painted brown. This afternoon, as I went out to do the school run, I noticed one of the panels was broken. I had not noticed this earlier on and the exposed broken wood is pale so quite eye catching. It was not there before as they had a guy cutting tiles outside another day and the red dust got on my fence and I was looking at it as was a bit pee'd off. There is a strong probability that it was one of their workers. I was rushing to the car as one of their workers came out. I said to him 'You've damaged my fence'. He said 'I didn't damage anything'. Now it may not have been him, but it must have one of their lot as that was the only activity there and the type of activity that would lead to breaking something. It didn't just break itself. What do I do? The people who own the house have not moved in so there is nobody there.

I was not there for the incident itself. It couldn't have been anything else.

sneezecakesmum Thu 11-Oct-12 13:42:41

a. You are being a bit petty, surely you can repair it and repaint it?
b. if you had a case for reasonable recompense for the fence you could go to a small claims court
c. if no one saw the incident and they deny it, your case would probably fail.
d. ask them nicely to repair it as they probably did do it! But dont hold your breath.

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