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Statement for court

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helpneeded01 Thu 04-Oct-12 10:22:10

at the last directions hearing a final hearing was ordered and also an updating statement.

Could someone tell exactly what should be included in this new statement.

A witness statement was filed right at the start, for us detailing brief history with children and contact plus any concerns and contact wanted the other parties was just bullet points of allegations (false I might add) and basic contact willing to allow.

Do we do a statement just based on now and moving forward assuming that the magistrates will re read the witness statements or should be make this final statement have details of the history again albeit alot more brief then the witness statement maybe referring back to the witness statement in case they do not re read the earlier statement.

Were representing ourselves and just want to make sure we complete it correctly for court.

Thank you

Collaborate Thu 04-Oct-12 10:34:38

Just update with RELEVANT facts/opinion since the last statements were filed.

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