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stupid debt situation

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frangipan Tue 02-Oct-12 11:12:23

Ok- after school club closed giving 4 days notice.
I disputed full payment as they had broken the contract of both parties giving 4 weeks notice.
We mutualy agreed on half fees £27.00 as i had to pay emergency childcare.
I sent a cheque to them that same day. This was 3 weeks ago. Heard nothing from them.
Get an email from a debt collection agency this morning for £89.00
I ring childcare provider,they are only open 2-3pm!
So i check bank statment online and no cheque is cashed. Have just written 2nd cheque and taken it round to registered address, only round the corner, woman there said is was my problem and to pay debt collector. I asked why she didn't contact me if no cheque had arrived she said she loses track of who she has called and shut the door in my face.
I pushed the cheque through the door.
I called the debt collection agency explained, payed £27.00 over the phone to them undisputed but dispute the charges.
So, where did i go wrong in all of this and what do i do now?
Thankyou in anticipation

HumilityYetStrength Tue 02-Oct-12 23:59:33

It's terribe isn't it? The selfish attitude of those who deal with the public. Sounds a lucky escape from your child going to the AS Club any longer!
For debt problems always start with Citizens Advice Bureau. Ring to book an appointment rather than queue. They're a charity, are free, have shedloads of useful info and will help you write letters.
From now on post everything recorded delivery. Write to the debt collectors saying you will counter sue for replacement childcare costs due to breach of contract plus add costs based on your time responding to them - unless they produce the contract provisions they are relying on and explain why the club didn't pay for 4 weeks replacement childcare. Take their response to CAB. Hope that helps.

frangipan Thu 04-Oct-12 10:01:27

thankyou, I haven't heard anything since tuesday morning. I will contact the CAB today. Thanyou for your help x
I don't think the club are selfish, but definitely unreasonable. I deal with the general public and am self employed and I am sure they are supposed to tell you they are getting debt collectors involved.

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