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Social services reports - obtaining copies

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helpneeded01 Thu 27-Sep-12 10:53:39


My partners ex girlfriend over the last year and half has been arrested a couple of times for fighting and charged with assault.

We have been informed informally by some comments her solicitor made on a contact centre referral form that due to these arrests social services held meetings regarding putting the children on the at risk register.

We do not know the out come although assume they were not put on to it or the comments from her solicitor would have stated they had been but we would like to request details of what happened and the outcome.

My partner has PR for the older child (who is 4) but not for the young child (who is nearly 2).

How does he go about requesting this information? Can he write to social services requesting it as he has PR for one of the children??

Any advice would be great as he is representing himself.

Also can details of the arrests and convictions be obtained too? And if so how would he go about that?

Many thanks in advance

Collaborate Thu 27-Sep-12 11:12:35

If court proceedings have been started he can ask the court to order that all these documents be diclosed. Otherwise he'll have to speak to social services (they won't release any paperwirk without a court order).

The judge would be likely to order a statement from social services about their involvement rather than the disclosure of paperwork.

The court can order the release of police records.

helpneeded01 Thu 27-Sep-12 11:53:21

I'm not sure if the courts are aware of that as we only knew of it due to the referal form.

We had court yesterday and his ex never turned up and due to
Other factors or not complying and attending court the judge yesterday has listed a final hearing in front of magistrates in 6 weeks time were not represented so not sure about what any of this means as contact is still in it's early stages due to his ex not complying and handing the children over. So we was hoping to get this information for the next hearing.

helpneeded01 Thu 27-Sep-12 11:56:02

Cafcass have also closed the case their end, the last thing cafcass said was they wanted enhanced police checks carried out, we called cafcass before the hearing for an update and was told it was closed and no other info given. My partner mentioned in court that cafcass had closed case which the judge confirmed but his ex's barrister didn't know that had happened nor would we if we hadn't of called them.

Collaborate Thu 27-Sep-12 12:56:33

Write in to the judge to ask about all of this.

OodHousekeeping Thu 27-Sep-12 13:14:24

He can phone CS/go in etc himself and ask. May need ID if he's asking for information but if the children go on a child protection plan he is entitled to know and be part of the meetings.

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