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Disability discrimination equality help

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MrsjREwing Wed 26-Sep-12 04:38:55

Hi, can.someone help with this. As a disabled parent with disabled children I feel I have been discriminated against and not treated as equal by my dc school, it is an ofsted outstanding acadamy with an acting head and due an ofsted inspection. what process of cimplaint should I go through?

WhoWhatWhereWhen Wed 26-Sep-12 05:13:52

I'm no expert and I'm sure someone who is will be along soon, I would imagine the first step would be to put the complaint in writing and send it to the HT, explain what has gone wrong and what you want them to do to correct the situation.

SammyTheSwedishSquirrel Wed 26-Sep-12 09:37:30

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission will be able to advise you. They are the government agency responsible for dealing with discrimination issues. Their advice and support is free. (I used them when I was thrown out of somewhere because of my disability and they fought on my behalf all the way through to getting compensation and an apology.)

prh47bridge Wed 26-Sep-12 12:32:48

In what way do you feel you have been discriminated against? EHRC is probably a good place to start but depending on the nature of the discrimination there may be other avenues open as well.

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