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Problems with Children's Services

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ImPeppaPigOink Tue 25-Sep-12 08:22:20


I currently have 2 children and pregnant.

I have the youngest child living with me and their Dad and my oldest is living with family. My oldest is under a Special Guardianship Order as I had the child removed at birth, I don't see my oldest anymore.

When I fell pregnant with my youngest. Children's Services had to do a new Assessment on me to see if I could look after my child. The Assessments went to Child Protection. My Child was placed on the register as an Unborn baby under the Category of Neglect. My child was removed from the register at 6months old and placed as a Child in Need.

My Partner was placed as Main Carer for our child as I had severe PND and Children's Services was concerned about my ability to protect my child. There was no Court involved for this.

The Social Worker never knew what else to do as we had proven all was well with our parenting. They closed the case when my Child was roughly 1 year old.

When my Child was 18months old Children's Services had a referral for us as my PND had gotten worse and my partner and I had split up. My Child was placed in my partners care (again no court order). After 3 weeks my Partner and I got back together. Children's Services were OK with this and they closed the case again after 3 weeks (we never actually saw the SW during the 3 weeks) That was nearly 3 years ago.

In the 3 years I got an illness that has effected my eyesight. I phoned Children's Services to let them know. Same as when we had any problems with our Child we phoned The HV to ask for help.

Children's Services was not bothered and said all was OK. Adult Services said the same even though we thought we could do with some support especially as I was spending more time in hospital and my partner had to quit working to care for me full time as I was losing more and more vision (still am)

I fell pregnant after being on the Pill. I phoned Children's Services when I was 5weeks pregnant. The person on the phone said the MW would have to refer me but they doubt anything will come of it.

I went to my MW at 8weeks and the MW referred me to Children's Services, The MW also believed that nothing will come of it. I was then put under Consultant led Care and have not seen my MW since as I see the Consultant or the Consultant's team.

At 12 (beginning of July)weeks a Social Worker came out to the house with no warning. The SW asked us questions and it showed that this SW HAD NOT read the past files they have on us.

The SW never knew my partner was main carer let alone my child's father.
SW also kept getting my Partner's name mixed up with another of his family member and wondering why he was living with our child and myself.
The SW also kept calling our child the wrong name and wouldn't listen when I said our Child's Surname was wrong.
SW also never knew about my past.

The SW went and said SW would contact the School and my DR's but would doubt anything would come of it.

I had heard nothing from Children's Services until yesterday when the SW phoned me and asked me lots of questions. I explained I was not in the house and couldn't really talk as we were having a meal out. The SW wouldn't listen.

The questions I was asked once again proved that the SW did not read the past records.

SW then said that SW will contact the schools and DR's and any support needed will be shown and they will give it.

I questioned why it took so long to get back to us and the SW said "The manager"

I have not slept all night through the SW as all along people have said nothing will come of it. Now they are involved even though the only thing that has changed is I'm further on in the pregnancy, There is no problem with my child at school and my child is progressing fine.

IS SW allowed to leave it this long to start the Assessment?

I feel like I am getting targeted about my illness and as the SW has not read our files and keep getting things wrong about the case, things will be worse for us.

Shall I get a Solicitor involved now or wait?

Fairyjen Tue 25-Sep-12 09:22:57

You can get legal advice at any time. Sw is allowed to become involved at any point if they feel there is a risk. I'm sure if an assessment is done the matter will be cleared up.

ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmm Fri 28-Sep-12 22:49:36

That must be really frustrating.
I'm sure they have 28 days to start and complete a core assessment.

But dont take me at my word because my involvement with them was a long time ago and maybe things have moved on since then. I always thought 28 days was far too short a time to get to know a family and their dynamics.

Hoping this will bump the thread for anyone here who can help better x

GrasshopperNchipmunk Sat 29-Sep-12 01:26:24

If everything is positive as you say then I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

Core assessments at 35 working days, so 7 weeks start to finish.

ImPeppaPigOink Fri 19-Oct-12 22:42:03

Just an update.

I phoned the SW last week and she was on annual leave (until this week). I asked for someone else to phone as I wanted some information.

A Duty worker team phoned and when I asked what is happening. I was told that there is risks surrounding my unborn baby. When I asked about my 4year old, apparently there is no risks.

It has now been 16weeks since first contact and all the contact I have had is 1 visit at home and 1 phone call.

I just want to move on an enjoy this pregnancy, I don't understand how there is risks around my unborn but not 4year old.

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