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xmasevebundle Fri 21-Sep-12 22:44:01

I'm currently 27w with my exp baby.

We have not spoken since the 1st aug, because he's very controlling and vindictive.

Since i broke up with he wanted me to abort the baby etc..

His mums threatend to stab the baby out my womb, even come up to me at the bus stop sqaured up to me and said your a fucking cunt to my son and pointed in my face. She's insane, been in and out mental places and hears vpices in her head and i have become a recluse due to this, i have not reported this to the police but tomorrow morning i am.

Which they will just have it on record to back me up. I asked a police officer this a few days ago who came to my house due to my mum and dad being in a car crash.

He says he wants nothing to so with the son bar the money side but i think he will TRY and get access.

As he said 'i want to see it but not you'

We are married nor be on the BC,

I will go for CSA when DS is born which to his reply is I WANT A DNA.

He will have to take me to court first to get parental rights, then again for a contact order?

I am not a women who is bitter but i dont want my son around him. If his mum got her hands on him, i think she would harm him thats not me being OTT either.

I am also thinking off moving address so he cant come to my door niether his mother but could he get my address via CSA/council/court?

Thank you.

datingthedevil Fri 21-Sep-12 23:46:14

I just want to say good luck hun.
Where are you based?
There's a lot in your story that is similar to mine - I'm 28 weeks and going through the same thing.
If u ever want to chat pm me xxxx

STIDW Sat 22-Sep-12 12:32:27

IT sounds as though things are rather heated at the moment and you can't negotiate or mediate with someone when they are being unreasonable. What you can do is detach yourself, establish emotional and physical boundaries and defuse the situation by not reacting to provocation. It isn't in anyone's interest to go to court if it can possibly be avoided and to do that it can be helpful to negotiate indirectly through an independent third party ie a solicitor.

Having said that you should report abuse or threats and keep a diary so that if required there is a record.

The Government are proposing to introduce charges in the future and if you can reach agreement about child maintenance there will be more money available for your child. The CM Options website has a calculator to work out child maintenance liability under the current CSA rules.

If you move the father can ask the court to find you to serve papers but the courts won't disclose the address if there is evidence of DV or a risk of DV. The probability of PR and contact being granted is high, although arrangements for direct contact range from supervised contact or contact in a contact centre for a couple of hours to longer periods and overnights.

olgaga Sat 22-Sep-12 21:43:25

You need to contact Womens Aid pronto:

babybarrister Sun 23-Sep-12 18:41:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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