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Childminder taking me to court! Advise Please.

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kbjin Wed 30-Jan-13 23:38:27

hello all, just getting back to the case as it still on going, the court proceeding has been very slow, over a year now, I still haven't had a trial date. I had the hearing the other week and this nasty CM turned round and said I set her up because I was afraid to be found out as she said she 'knew' the smacking happened as my place.
Really need a solicitor now to speak to, any one can recommend one please?
Many thanks

lisaro Sat 21-Jan-12 01:06:43

she sounds thick as pigshit - don't worry.

kbjin Sat 21-Jan-12 00:54:43

My ex-childminder is taking my to small claim court for loss of earning, stress and defamation of character, because I reported her to Ofsted for smacking my son.
What's her chances?
(my original post: )
Any advise please?

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