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How long does it take to get a decree nisi?

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alisonmynameistrue Tue 03-Jan-12 17:47:29

Once the forms are filed with the court I wondered how long it usually takes before you get the nisi? Mine have been filled in and sent to stbxh solicitors for "approval". I am sure I will have to sign them, cant remember what my solicitor said now I was so excited to hear this was finally happening!, but once the court has them how long does it usually take?

mumblechum1 Wed 04-Jan-12 12:03:01

Your solicitor will probably have given his a fixed period to object - 7 or 14 days,l so if no objection is received will post the petition and statement of arrangements etc at that time. The court usually takes about 7 days to process the paperwork and post it out to your STBX's solicitors. They then have 14 days to complete an acknowledgement of service form.

Once the completed ack. service form has been sealed by the court your sols will call you in to go through a request for decree nisi form including an affidavit (sworn statement backing up what you've said in the petition), and once that's been seen and approved by a district judge, it'll be placed in a list of decrees nisi to be pronounced in open court.

So the short answer to your question is, about 6 to 8 weeks from when the petition etc is posted to court, you will have your decree nisi.

Don't forget, though, that it's the decree absolute which is the actual divorce order.

Collaborate Wed 04-Jan-12 15:53:00

Crikey Mumblechum that's fast!

In Liverpool I'd say around 4 months to nisi. That accounts for the delay in the Respondent dealing with their small amount of paperwork, and further delay on the part of the overworked court staff turning around the paperwork. Don't think that's unusual.

If OP is fee exempt and in employment (and not receiving a passported benefit), IME it can take a number of attempts before the fee exemption is accepted by the court, causing further serious delay.

EllenandBump Wed 04-Jan-12 18:39:44

I was told by my solicitor today that i am looking at 6 to 9 months for my divorce to come through. He has already filed for divorce but i am currently now awaiting his forms for my approval. Sorry cant really help further.

alisonmynameistrue Wed 04-Jan-12 18:41:51

Thank you both. I had wondered if it might be variable between locations as I just couldnt find reference to how long it takes anywhere - not on Wikidivorce nor in the pretty clear Which? Guide to Divorce. The information always seems to jump to "then 6 weeks to the Absolute". I guess it will take as long as it takes but just having an idea of between 8 weeks and 4 months is a great help.

I really will have a long way to go after I get the Nisi as our financial situation is quite complex with a business involved but I just want at least one step is completed in the foreseeable future. It will be a psychological boost that I am finally on my way to freedom.

Do you have any words of wisdom about businesses? My instinct is to cut and run. I do not want any remaining ties to it from an emotional point of view but I suspect it might be as valuable now as it may ever be.

alisonmynameistrue Sun 08-Jan-12 08:44:24

Ellen it looks like we are at the same stage. I've now got a date for the for to be submitted for the middle of this month if there are not objections from them.
Have you been looking on the Wikidivorce forums? I am very put off by it as it seems to very busy with posts from whining men who think they are being badly done to financially. No the sort of support I am looking for!

EllenandBump Sun 08-Jan-12 08:50:07

I have no savings and nothing but debts to my name and he is the same. I was assuming the joint debts would be both of our repsonsibilities and debts solely in my name would be my responsibility. I am still waiting to hear back. Charming timing the day before christmas eve but i think that it was a tactical move cos they knew there was no chance of me getting a solicitor within the 7 to 14 days specified they wanted a response in. I did get a solicitor but it was longer than that but wrote to them informing them that i was seeking legal representation and had an appointment at the beginning of january, therefore they could look forwar to hearing from my solicitors. So difficult wish it was just signable and over with but i don want anything too outrageous going on the papers. x

MOSagain Sun 08-Jan-12 11:49:12

In my local Courts (Surrey and Sussex) I would say its nearer Mumblechum's estimate than Collaborate (or is it because us girls just get on with it quicker?) wink

Ellen, you may be confused between DN and DA. DN doesn't take that long to get but it may be a long time before applying for DA if finances not resolved quickly.

EllenandBump Sun 08-Jan-12 14:44:59

Apparently, the wont grant a divorce until our son is sorted out and that seems to be being difficult. I am in SE london, so quite populated and maybe the courts are busier. I did only ask about getting the divorce so that 9 months might be it all signed and sealed and me FREE and single. Not that i plan on another relationship for a LONG TIME, might just enjoy being me again and having no one to answer to or ask what they think about me wearing this or that. I can wear what i like! x

mumblechum1 Sun 08-Jan-12 15:53:12

grin at MOS.

martadeyemi Thu 09-Mar-17 15:01:14

Hi please how long does it take to get a decree nisi certificate issued.Because the hearing was on the 27th of February 2017 and since then i haven't heard anything from the court.

numan Fri 21-Jul-17 14:49:54

martadeyemi Can you please let me know after how many days of the decree nisi announcement did you receive the official decree nisi certificate, my nisi was pronounced 4 days ago, but haven't received any confirmation or letter from court yet

Familylawsolicitor Sun 23-Jul-17 12:03:47

This is an old thread but at the moment in the south east it's taking between 6-8 weeks to get decree nisi from application. Around 2 weeks from the DN pronouncement date to get the decree nisi itself

lizziejayne66 Sun 10-Sep-17 13:56:39

ive just signed my decree nisi and posted it to my solicitor how long until the hearing and how long stil nisi posted? my soon to be ex says he does not want to receive it asin denial by law does he have to receive a copy of nisi/absolute? he has no solicitor so im guessing he wont pay im the petitioner and getting legal aid

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 10-Sep-17 14:04:35

This thread is over 5 YEARS old.

lizzie I think you may have to start a new thread smile

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