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Landlords signing Notice, Sect 21 with contract

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Akiko Wed 19-Oct-11 15:32:13


My tenant intends to start claiming Housing Benefit. Our contract is up for renewal, so I wonder if I should ask her to sign Notice Requiring posession, Section 21, in advance. I have heard some landlords do it, but the benefit of doing it is not clear to me.
What I fear is that, as a single mother, she will want to apply for a council flat, and I will have to go through the trouble and expence of taking her to court. It could be potentially didastrous.
What cind of contract do I need in order to protect myself ( another single mother, relying on the rental income)

Lizcat Wed 19-Oct-11 15:46:21

I am also a landlord and all my tenants have always had housing benefit. None of them have ever been able to get a council flat there just aren't enough to go round. I have never ever had anyone sign a section 21. I have to say that the vast majority of housing benefit tenants are excellent tenants.

namechange9999 Thu 20-Oct-11 22:34:30

If she has been a conscienious and reliable tenant thus far claiming benefit wont change that and I'd hang on to her.

Akiko Fri 21-Oct-11 03:24:54

My friend had recently have gone through months of anxiety and expense with her tenant. She wanted to get her flat back and gave the tenant notice. However, the tenant intended to claim a council flat and did not vacate, untill the court order and even after the court order, then she had to pay and wait for bailiffs and the tenant stayed untill the last minute. During all that time, the tenant has been advised by the council to stay on and even to stop paying. If it was not for the council's advise, she would not have done it. This took about four months.

Lizcat Fri 21-Oct-11 15:59:10

Akiko your friend has had a different situation, not related to non payment.
If people on housing benefit get behind in their rent and then are evicted and made homeless the vast majority of councils will not help them as they have intentionally become homeless when the council had been providing the money to pay the rent.

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