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Maternity Leave and Restructuring - worried about redundancy and or losing maternity pay...

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absam32 Tue 18-Oct-11 15:40:27

Advice needed please - I am 12 weeks pregnant today and have not yet informed my employer. I am employed on an externally funded project at a large public institution, and while my salary is partly paid by external funds and partly by the institution, and my contract is formally renewed on the basis of secured funding (usually every three years). However, I am viewed as a permanent member of staff and entitled to all the benefits of permanent staff. For example if my contract within the project is not renewed, I will be entered in a redeployment pool to be placed elsewhere in the library before notice of redundancy is served. As a permanent member of staff I am also entitled to a generous maternity package which I cannot afford to do without.

The timing of my pregnancy is a little unfortunate in terms of my contract however. I am due early May 2012, but my contract is up for renewal again in April 2012. We have been informally told that there is money available for another year, but that due to restructuring, our manager must make a business case for each of our positions and then re-advertise and re-interview us for our roles. They are quite skill-specific, so ordinarily I would not worry about being re-matched with my job, but am worried that as this process will not take place until early next year, by which time I will be obviously pregnant, and approaching the deadline by which I must tell them (if they haven't already guessed), that this will cause me problems. I know they can't discriminate against me for being pregnant, but they could tailor the new job description to preclude me if they wanted to be difficult. I'm very worries that in the worst case scenario I would not get any paid maternity leave (other than statutory) nor a job to return to...does this sound likely. I'm not sure where I stand. Has anyone been in a similar position or able to offer advice? I'm not sure quite how to proceed or where to go for further advice....

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